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Bristol Bespoke Interiors
Allan Gray Bristol Bespoke Interiors The Epstein Building Mivart Street Easton Bristol BS5 6JF
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The videos this month are scenes from the workshop and form a kind of diary of what’s going on day to day. Filmed using a mobile phone they are spontaneous with basic production values. They have been programed on the server to all open together but can be played over again individually using the controls on each panel. We hope you enjoy them.
Preparing ply alcove shelves and moulding the solid edges.
Testing a push to close / push to open drawer runner system.
Setting out solid oak boards for a bottom stair tread for a bespoke staircase.
Applying a coloured top coat in the spray booth.
Spraying on an acid catalyst primer as a base coat.
Fire doors being modified to make them look as if they have a frame and panel construction.